You might think that getting the glamorous smile most celebrities have is impossible, but we’re here to give you just that!

Our Hollywood Smile procedure is a completely painless makeover of your teeth to make every single tooth the perfect shape, color and size, giving you a perfect smile that turns heads!

What to expect:

Prior to starting the makeover, you’ll have a consultation with a professional to determine your preferred shape and color of your smile. Based on this information, your dentist will show you a 3D model of how your teeth would look after the makeover.

The makeover includes closing gaps, correcting misaligned teeth, removing stains, inserting veneers, and any other procedure necessary to achieve the perfect smile.

After the treatment, your dentist will schedule a follow-up to check on your gum and your bite.


[accordion id="my-accordion"][accordion_item title=" Will the procedure hurt?" open="true"]Local anesthesia is used to make sure the treatment is completely painless![/accordion_item][accordion_item title="Will my Hollywood Smile be permanent?"]Many patients may not need to replace their veneers as it could last for decades. However, the life of the Hollywood smile depends on how you take care of your teeth after the procedure.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title="What are the aftercare instructions? "]You should follow the general expert guidelines to take care of your teeth: brushing regularly, as well as flossing and using mouthwash to keep your teeth healthy.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title="How long will the recovery period be? "]Depending on the treatment, the recovery period could be anywhere between one day and two weeks.[/accordion_item]


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    Every patient is a unique individual and every treatment has unique aspects. Therefore, no two cosmetic procedures will get the exact same results — even if patients are similar and if the procedures are performed by the same doctor.
    Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, please be sure to have an individual one-on-one consultation with a qualified doctor.