Fillers?! No Way!!

Dr. Ruba BahhadyFace

That seems to be the growing reaction that some dermatologists are getting from patients who aim for a conservative measure that will maintain their natural appearance and have them look the best at their age.

Many patients have the growing misconception that soft tissue fillers – mainly made from hyaluronic acid – will lead to an unnatural look that is overly inflated. What they see, especially on social media forums, are augmented lips, full cheeks, enlarged jawlines – and let’s be honest, the results are not always that appealing.

However, an important fact remains – is that we lose volume as we age, in addition to a less supportive bony structure due to bone resorption. Therefore, in order to maintain a balanced structure and volume distribution, fillers play a key role. When used wisely, they will only improve the general facial appearance without changing the persons’ unique features. Sometimes soft tissue fillers can make a face look slimmer rather than fatter… imagine that!!

The best thing is to seek honest and trusted advice from a doctor who combines the science of fillers with a good background of training. Fear fillers no more!!